Anjuna Laxmi Amber Shakti Harper. 

Animator & Illustrator

Graduated from Kingston School of Art, London.

Experimental Animator, Film Marker & Artist. I like Narrative, Story

Telling and Image Making. ​I like to work around social topics,

psychology, culture and human issues, although broadly speaking I like

working with narratives that serve a purpose. I like experimenting between

2D and 3D animation but not limited to these two formats, as my work

is open to be quite experimental and playful I enjoy working as part of a

team or collaberation. My aspirations would be to direct or co-direct my own

films as part of a studio. Because I take a lot of influence from video game

culture, specifically 90's/00's game graphics, this is definitely an avenue I

would be interested in working within. 

Software: Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, Illustrator, Flash, Premier Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, Maya, 3DSMAX, Cinema 4D.

Occupation: Full Time Adventurer

​Likes: Travel, Mountains, Chocobos, Buddhism, Melon Soda, Video Games & Big Cats.


Dislikes: Running, Bitter Food, Rude People. 

Professional Experience:

Oskar KrajewskiColonization on Mars

Jocie Juritz x Pop-Up Magazine

Jocie Juritz: 'Making Evil'/'Böse' novel by Dr Julia Shaw - Promotional Book Trailer

Catherine Prowse & Tom Fisher in Collaberation with the School of Life: The Need To Be Alone

Live Animation University Briefs: Royal Opera House Promotional Film​, Vintage Random House Book Promotional Film

Baxter Fawcett: Digital Print Design, 2013-2014

Brighton & Hove Museum: Illustration & Animation, Museum Guide & Brochure Design

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